CH Bulldesharonbull Ivory, is proclaimed again champion, this time of Gibraltar 2018, closing the championships provided in Sharonbull Bulldog, again celebrate another title for this Multichampion who deserves this CH for various values so desired,Gibraltar Bulldog

Bulldesharonbull Dakota with Candevico, is proclaimed CHAMPION of Spain vetaranos, first female BULLDOG and first absolute Bulldog, in obtaining this Title of CH Veterans, our happiness is extreme for valuing the importance that is for this BREED of low longevity to obtain a championship of this nature , we wish many more champions for this breed, and from here, we congratulate the future championship for all. and from here, we congratulate the future championship for all.

CH Bulldesharonbull IVORY , excelents seasons 2017

Bulldog Gibraltar championship

*IVORY , “International CH” is proclaimed, international Dog show Martorell (judge D. Carlos Salas (ES), getting his 2nd CH

* IVORY, Spanish Bulldog National Monograph CEBI Spain, EXC 2nd

* IVORY, Crufts 2017 She selected from the 8 best females open class

*IVORY, Girona International DOGSHOW, winner again of CACIB

International champion Bulldog

We started 2017 with great illusions, this time we returned to the veteran class, this time with Bulldesharonbull At Dakota with Candevico, 10 years old that we are proud of, at the National and International Dog Show in Zaragoza you can boast of being the first Bulldog in Spain to get the first CCV of the BREED, faithful companion of walks can not go better dedicated this CCV that is not to the big one of CH Murbogos Rocco, the one that both enjoyed this class veterans and why not say it, the one that so good image left in thebreed to his age there where he went, being the class that says a lot about the genetics and care of an animal so damaged in longevity. Congratulations Kelly for your first and second CCV, you are already history in the breed because we are convinced that this class It will have a lot of value in the future of this breed and you deserve to be there.

Ch Bulldesharonbull Ivory, in his first outing to ring in 2017, obtained RCACIB, seeing her with more quality than ever we are excited in his career

We finish 2016 with these results, CH Bulldesharonbull IVORY is proclaimed Champion of Republic of San Marino 2016, on the same weekend, Jr CH Sharon-MAX with MJ proclaimed Junior Champion and qualified for Crufts 2017, a wonderful weekend enjoying Our Juniors Bulldogs. 4/12/2016.

To thank the judges who have judged our horses in San Marino to enjoy this reality: Mrs McCarry-Beattie R., Mr Zidar M., Mrs Pablaka I., Mrs Kazlauskaite R., as well as Mr Petru Muntean and Mr Lobakin V by his judgments in the great finals

Bulldog junior champion
Jr CH Sharon-Max with Maximus Jabulls
English Bulldog spain
CH Bulldesharonbull Ivory
  • BOY & POY España 2016 , Bulldesharonbull IVORY & Sharon-MAX with M.J .English bulldog Spain Bulldog Spain
  • Bulldesharonbull Ivory, Valls International DOG SHOW 2016, wins the intermediate class EXC1 and obtains RCAC and RCACIB, Sharon-MAX with M.J, obtains EXC2ª in intermediate class and RCCJ
  • Bulldesharonbull IVORY wins the intermediate class females EXC1ª in the famous obligatory point for the championship of Spain, International Dogshow of Autumn RSCE, another new victory for Ivory that consolidates its quality, Judge specialist Mr James Mortham (UK) October 2016
  • Exposición Internacional Gibraltar 2016, Bulldesharonbull Ivory , obtiene RCAC 44th Gibraltar dog show , 45th Gibraltar Dog Show,  CAC- CACIB- BOS, Clasificada para Crufts por segunda vez en lo que va de año 2016, Judge Mr David Killilea. Otro gran día para Ivory compitiendo desde clase INTERMEDIA.
  • A female charm is added to our family, daughter of our CH Murbogos Rocco, with supreme quality in health, character … a luxury to be able to enjoy it, its name Bullgordos Panda. This is the type of Bulldog that really makes us believe in the RAZA. In brief photos of this incredible female
  • Bulldesharonbull SKIE wins the class very female puppies and Best very puppy in Dog Show Martorell International 2016, Judge specialist D Gerson Ayala.
  • Bulldesharonbull SKIE wins the class very female puppies in Territorial Bulldog Monografica Cataluña 2016, Judge specialist Mrs. Lluisa Fernández.
puppy bulldog barcelona
  • Sharon-MAX Whit M.J. wins the Puppies class at Martorell International Dog Show 2016, specialist judge D Gerson Ayala, being his last outing to ring in puppies class. Mr. Judge makes a great comment on our copy that reminded us of his father ………..
Bulldog Barcelona Spain
  • Sharon-MAX Whit M.J. wins the Puppies class at Territorial Monográfica del Bulldog Cataluña 2016, specialist judge Dña María Lluisa Fernandez (Bagesdog)
puppy english bulldog
  • Bulldesharonbull Ivory wins the Junior class females EXC1, International Dog show of San Marino (Sunday), remaining classified for CRUFTS 2017, Judge Mr Branislav Rajic.
  • Sharon-MAX Whit M.J. wins the Puppies class at San Marino International Dog Show 2016 (Sunday) and is 3º BIS Dog Show puppies, Judge Mr Branislav Rajic.
  • Bulldesharonbull Ivory wins the Intermedia class EXC1, CAC, CACIB and BOB International Dog Show of San Marino (Saturday), Judge Mrs Rita Mccarry-Beatie ..
  • Sharon-MAX Whit M.J. wins the Puppies class at San Marino International Dog Show 2016 (Saturday) with BIS Puppies & Mr Petru Muntean.
  • Sharon-MAX Whit M.J. wins the MB1 Puppies class in Bulldog Monographic CEBI Badajoz, Judge Mrs Trudi Robertson (Melafella Kennel).
  • Bulldesharonbull Ivory wins the Junior class EXC1 females in Territorial Monograph of the BulldogCEBI Badajoz, Judge Mrs Trudi Robertson (Melafella Kennel).
  • Bulldesharonbull SKIE wins the class very female puppies in Monographic Territorial Badajoz 2016, Judge Mrs Trudi Robertson (Melafella Kennel).
  • Sharon-MAX Whit M.J. MB2 class Puppies in Elvas Bulldog Monograph – Portugal – Badajoz, Judge Mr Brian Taylor.
  • Bulldesharonbull Ivory wins the Junior class females EXC1 and BOS (better opposite sex) in Elvas Bulldog Monograph – Portugal – Badajoz, Judge Mr Brian Taylor.
  • Sharon-Max With M.J. (Son of CH Murbogos Rocco) with only 5 months of age gets a 3rd Position in puppies class, National Monograph of BULLDOG CEBI, with 19 puppies, Judge specialist Mr Dave Rodgers (Belushi)
  • Multi CH Murbogos Rocco, again father of beautiful puppies (January 2016)
  • Bulldesharonbull IMPERIAL, from junior class gets BOB and 3rd group 2, International Dog Show Cacib SINGAPORE 2016 (Just one step away from proclaiming Jr CH). The Bulldog takes center stage in Singapore
  • Bulldesharonbull IMPERIAL, from junior class gets BOB and 3rd group 2, NATIONAL Dog Show Cacib SINGAPORE 2016.
  • Bulldesharonbull IVORY, Exc. 1st class Junior Females, CCJ and BEST Junior, International dogshow Valls 2016
  • CH Murbogos Rocco birthday of 11 years old, a real pride for a BULLDOG, the RSCE (Royal Canine Society of Spain) announced in one of its bulletins (Bulletin 36, November 2012) that the average life expectancy in the Bulldog is 6.7 years (http://www.rsce.es/web/images/rsce/boletines/BOLETIN_36.pdf) as was done in the newsletter publication FCI (International Cynological Federation) on December 15, 2011 (http : //newsletter5.dogdotcom.be/en/edito.aspx#texte).
  • CLUB CEBI (Spanish Club of the English Bulldog); Tribute to Multi CH Murbogos Rocco (Oct-2015) at the celebration of the POY (puppy of the year) & BOY (BULLDOG of the year) 2015.
  • Bulldesharonbull Blossom, MB4 WORLD DOG SHOW, Milan 2015, Baby Puppy Class Female Bulldog, Class very female puppies. To thank the collaboration of Daniel Lobris (Edition of Luxe) and Emilio José in this WDS Milano 2015
  • Bullgordos JOE Sharonbull, at 10 months of age, has an interesting track record, classified for Crufts 2016, MB2 Bulldog Club Incorporated Puppy Class (U.K), Best Pup International Exp Girona 2015, scoring TOP Bulldog (Property Miguel e Hijos). Exemplary of Bulldog with an excellent morphology, attitude and an elegant movement and potent denoting excellent health, his image is of strong Bulldog , despite his young age, “Genetically Marked”.
  • SHARONBULL SLASH MAXIMUS JABULLS, born in 2015, with very marked characteristics, a movement 10 with incredible health, its character is exemplary. English Bulldog puppy “Genetically marked”, son of Multi Ch Murbogos Rocco, owned by Roberto.
  • CRUFTS 2015, The most important exhibition in the world for the English Bulldog Breed MULTI CH Murbogos Rocco wins for the third time winner Class CRUFTS consecutively, Possessing 3 red cards (class victories) from CRUFTS says “everything”
  • Bulldesharonbull at Aquarius obtains 2 nd position Crufts 2015, in his palmarés 1 red card of 1st position 2014 and 2nd position 2015.
  • Multi CH Murbogos Rocco, Dogshow International Valencia 2014, BEST IN SHOW veternanos, Judges D J.M. Sastre
  • CH Murbogos Rocco, International Dogshow Alicante 2014 , BEST IN SHOW Veterans , Judges Mr Fabrizio La Rocca y Mr Benjamin Sanchez.
  • International Dogshow Torrepacheco 2014. Multi Ch Murbogos Rocco BIS Veteran, and in Monographic National Exc 1º
  • Winner veteran . RBIS (40st) BIS veteran (41st), Thank a the judges : Ann Van Heuvel-Cowan(Befeeter Bulldogs , UK) , Lieza handling (UK)Ch Murbogos Rocco International Dogshow Gibraltar 2014,
    Tamas Jakkel (Hungary) & Guy Jeavons (Canada
  • CRUFTS 2014 , WINNERS of veterans classes , both , CH Murbogos Rocco y CH Bulldesharonbull at AQUARIUS with Candevico
  • OTHERS CHAMPIONS , CH Bulldesharonbull The Bodyguard & CH Bulldesharonbull Whitney Houston (Mother of Bulldesharonbull IVORY)


On our website you can find results of our Bulldog, CAC, CACIB, information on the standard of the English bulldog, handler, champions, links of interest about the authentic Bulldog breed. The English Bulldog or English Bulldog, unique breed, is the breed that changed our lives, socially we learned and familiarly holds us together under the same project. Enjoy watching images of English Bulldog Sharonbull, you will also find us on facebook. “We do not believe in massive and systematic breeding” therefore we consider ourselves exhibitors more than Bulldog breeders although we respect the dignity of many breeders or professional breeders who dedicate their activity to breeding. The breeding is for our enjoyment the possibility of continuing to expose and thus be able to demonstrate that the morphology that we like is compatible with a dignified health. The welfare of our BULLDOGS must prevail above all, because before Bulldog are animals with feelings and nobility to the human being, they are at the mercy of our day to day, and the fact of not getting the honor of being Champion does not imply loss of social quality and attention in our home. The most charming dog breed, the BULLDOG is also the Breed that we must protect and improve so that it lasts in the times, we understand the Bulldog as one of the many breeds attacked by commercial hunger (purchase sale as the only requirement) that unfortunately have unsuccessful in its permanent charm. If you are a person that you want to compare our work in show with the published in milanuncios.com, for example, we believe that you are mistaken your line of search. We recommend that you visit our Critical Health section and verify that we do not omit realities, of great interest to all those who want to know and be aware of a good base work. From here, we decided not to consider the whatsapp as the first means of serious contact or so we believe it lived, as well as the typical emails on consultation, the true consultation we sincerely consider it by other means of greater credibility, as is the call telephone where the true intention on the interest of the BREED is really appreciated. We regret not responding to all the emails but unfortunately we are exhausted of perceiving lack of REAL interest and there have been too many answers full of truths to not correspond even with a thank you. All our bulldogs puppies live with families related to the feeling of affection for an animal and thanks to them we can sleep very calm knowing that each of them are in good hands. This is our other success, simply look for the best option for each of them. We understand that any bulldog breeding with dignity should ensure the same protection objectives for their puppies raised in their facilities, something that we will not question.

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