English Bulldog

CH Bulldesharonbull at Dakota With Candevico(English Bulldog)

English Bulldog

Veteran Champion CH Bulldesharonbull at DAKOTA with Candevico, english Bulldog , Spain
First winner of championship veteran class Spain

FIRST CHAMPION OF SPAIN VETERAN, first veteran Bulldog to get this championship in Spain, year 2017. It is our happiness to the maximum exponent, to see how we got the first championship of Spain in the class veteran English Bulldog, that class so valued by us given the meaning it has in a race such as the English Bulldog, a race unfortunately not long lived. KELLY was an outgoing couple to enjoy the walks through the fields of our ROCCO, thanks to him, we believed in veterans, we believed in Rocco and Kelly for their physical, emotional, temperamental, jovial … what others say We do not care, we value this championship clearly, respectfully and applaud all the veterans of this race. We have achieved great goals with our veterans, that satisfies us enormously

With our veterans, we have achieved 4 victories in veterans class CRUFTS, a second position Crufts, winners of several veteran BIS

Along with CH Bulldesharonbull at Dakota with Candevico, their sister Multi CH Bulldesharonbull at Aquarius with Candevico, Multi CH Murbogos Rocco, Multi CH Bulldesharonbull Michael Jackson and Multi CH Bulldesharonbull Billie-Jean have participated in veteran classes

Ch Bulldesharonbull at Dakota with candevico
Champion Veteran Spain

The English Bulldog is our passion, their nobility is our admiration, their affection is our sacrifice, be Bulldog in Sharonbull it is to be family.

Dear all, I'm Ramón, webmaster of our website dedicated to the English Bulldog, email: sharonbullb@gmail.com Good day for everyone

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  • sharonbu

    the true value of the veteran class in the Bulldog breed, for us it offers a real interest, the longevity is questioned and the class of veterans must be rewarded. We have contributed with our interest for the veteran class ( CRUFTS and SPAIN) and having the veteran champion prize, it is a proud

    If you wish, you can comment, thanks

    Ramon Bonilla
    Desharonbull Kennel

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