With the intention of continuing to contribute to the Bulldog Breed , everything that the experience offers us and being able to contribute under an honest interpretative spirit according to the corresponding standards of the BREED, and assuming with responsibility and knowledge the knowledge of the true sense of the judgments about the breed in a Ring with transcendental value, it is time to continue advancing by offering to judge according to our experience and the Bulldog breed standards:

Rosa María Conesa judging bulldog

Training in stewards (mandatory examination approved),and high experience ,

experience in stewards (national, International …)

waiting for national examination of judges ( Spain)

Ramón Bonillajudging english bulldog

Under the framework The Kennel Club, Bulldog Breed Council, enrolled in C LIST Specialist (Desharonbull kennel, UK)

  • Breed specific C List Seminar
  • Breed specific hands on judging seminar (passed examination)
  •  Requirements of a dog show judge /// Regulations and judging procedure (passed examination)
  • Conformation and movement
  • Points of the dog(passed examination)
  • 2 Mentoring (passed examination)


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 shronbullb@gmail.com , 

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