English Bulldog Desharonbull


The English Bulldog is our passion, its nobility is our admiration, its love is our sacrifice, to be Bulldog in Sharonbull is to be a family.

On our website, we want to offer our image mainly and only as exhibitors and followers of this breed, providing values to anyone who wants to receive them through our comments and illustrations after hundreds of participations and thousands of kilometers for many years, (since 2002) in the main dog shows throughout Spain and Europe, living great moments including learning, and of course, great joys with our Bulldogs for excellent results obtained in a variety of dog shows. The Bulldogs and their world, have forged us in the maturity as people, in the family union under the same feeling and in the valuable knowledge of the new society and its actions.

Although, unfortunately, some of them are no longer here, for us they still continue to be

Multi CH Murbogos Rocco

Multi CH Bulldesharonbull Michael Jackson

Jr CH Sharon-Max with Maximus Jabulls

CH Bulldesharonbull Dangerous

Multi CH Bulldesharonbull at Aquarius with Candevico

CH Bulldesharonbull at Dakota with Candevico

Multi CH Bulldesharonbull Billie jean

CH Bulldesharonbull Whitney Houston

CH Bulldesharonbull Invencible

CH bulldesharonbull Ivory

INES ( the firs of our Bulldog , since 2002)

We are:

FCI affix No 012433 FCI Fédération Cynologique Internationale

We are also attached to the kennel club

we wish you to enjoy our website and we wish you to enjoy this special breed, the NOBLE breed, THE BULLDOG

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